Disrespect to the Largest Gathering of Republicans in the Nation

Any grassroots Republican who understand the workings of the Republican Party and who has put forth the time and energy knows this — every two years at the Texas Republican State Convention, the largest gathering of Republicans in the nation takes place!  What goes on there is a whirlwind of activity.  For two-three days prior to the official start of the convention, Republican Party activists from across the state gather to begin their work at modifying the Republican Party Platform and Rules.  Numerous public hearings take place and numerous debates occur, both in the committees and among the membership, day and night.  Then, for three days the majority of the delegates from every county in the state converge to work on amending the platform planks and to vote for a platform in an open forum.  This Platform provides guidance to candidates as to what the Republican Party of Texas stands for and what the Grassroots of the party expect Republican candidates and office holders to follow during the upcoming election cycle.  In some ways the Platform is akin to the ByLaws of an organization – it provides the parameters of what the party stands for.  But with members of the Republican Party, this Platform helps clarify what is important to the grassroots in governing the state and the country.  In general, the Platform is not intended to be an absolute purity test because, like many things, not every Republican will agree with each and every Platform plank.   However, as a Party Body Politic, once the Platform is adopted every two years, it becomes the defining document for Republicans.

When a candidate comes along and declares that he is a Republican and asks for the support of Republican grass root individuals who have worked tirelessly to define the party to get Republican candidates elected, it should cause everyone pause when that candidate from the start refuses to associate himself with the very principles and values the grass roots worked so tirelessly to define, debate, and pass as their guide for governing going forward.   In addition, when this alleged “Republican” is not even willing to acknowledge this party’s platform, the candidate publicly flips his nose at the candidates who do support that same platform.

When a political candidate professes from the roof tops and on social media that he is a “Conservative” and a “Republican,” yet has not spent one day on the ground with any of the Republican Party workings, action does not reconcile with words.  So it should not come as any major surprise when the very people who have been on the ground working tirelessly to keep Texas “Red” are incredibly offended by the candidate’s words and deeds that is counter to the Party’s principles.  So much so that there is a push to declare ‘No Confidence’ in his support of the Republican Party principles and values.

As you watch his social media feeds it becomes amazingly clear that not only does he not support the Platform, but his most ardent supporters and admirers, his “fan club” so to speak, that feign outrage over the vote of no confidence, are some of the most liberal Democrat fanatics in Hood County.  (Refer to Facebook comments by Chris Tackett, Rhonda Riszofi and many of the other self-proclaimed ‘non-partisan’ School Board members.)  No, as the smoke- and- mirrors routine begins to become clear, it is the candidate himself who really needs to determine where his priorities lie.  It is great if he wishes to run for office – that’s the American way.  I would encourage everyone to get involved in the governing of our great state.  My concern as County Chair for the Republican Party is if the candidate’s first act is to disrespect the grassroots and repudiate the Platform, then what does that tell you about the candidate once in office if here were elected?

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Logan