Full Steam Ahead

90 Day Report From Chairman Criswell

After being elected in January I met with local elected officials, party leaders, and grassroots activists to develop a vision for the future, which is detailed below and executed under the slogan: Progress, not Perfection.

Unify The Party

Some people feel there has been a division in the local party between the Moderate and Conservative Republicans. We often hear phrases like “TEA Partiers” and “R.I.N.O.s” (Republican In Name Only), which serve to alienate others and drive wedges in our community.

Imagine a party in which we work together towards common goals, and when necessary, respectfully agree to disagree! We have enough division in this country; Attacking our fellow Republicans will only perpetuate the problem. Of course, Rule 44 and Resolutions of No Confidence are always on the table, but will only be used after other means have been exhausted.

I call on all Republicans to refrain from publicly attacking each other, and instead, foster productive dialogue. We will not agree on everything, and that’s okay! Firmly stand for what you believe in with dignity and grace.

Grow The Organization and Infrastructure

We are pleased to announce that since January we have filled several vacancies and appointed the following people to the Executive Committee:

  1. Lisa Koiner – Vice Chair
  2. Mike McKee – Treasurer
  3. Courtney Gore – Secretary
  4. Jeremy SoRelle – General Counsel
  5. Bob Swearingen – Precinct Chair (9)
  6. Denise Lizun – Precinct Chair (5/6)
  7. Barbara Brashear – Precinct Chair (12)
  8. Ron Ischovitsch – Digital Media Director
  9. Dr. Bill Miller – Ministerial Outreach Director

We are fortunate to be working alongside some GREAT grassroots organizations in Hood County; The Republican Club; The Conservatives; and The Republican Women. Each organization has its own meeting days and times, allowing for individuals to find and attend the meetings that fit their schedule. Check our Events page to see what’s coming up! Also, we are revamping the website, growing our mailing list, and can now be reached at 817-736-6648

Increase Community Engagement

Through the work of the Executive Committee, and in partnership with grassroots organizations, we are encouraging greater attendance and participation in School Board and City Council meetings, Commissioners Court, and other governing bodies. It is important we stay informed as to what’s happening in our community and take part in the process. Please see our Events page for information on meetings, agendas, and how to voice your opinion at meetings!

We are committed to achieving Republican victories in traditionally “non-partisan” local elections. The notion that a body of government can spend millions of dollars, set public policy, yet exist in a “non-partisan” fashion is foolish! Democrats have been using these offices to inflict our local government with their unworkable ideas for decades! Republicans considering a run in “non-partisan” races should contact us ASAP.

Increase Youth Engagement

According to a recent poll, young Americans favor Socialism over Capitalism. Some say the Public Education system and Pop Culture are to blame. Others say, “Young people are just lazy.” Whatever the cause, we must prioritize educating our youth on how Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are wholly incompatible with even “Democratic” Socialism. TurningPointUSA has some great resources, as does PragerU.

To increase our involvement with young people, this year the Republican Executive Committee will award a $1,000 scholarship to one graduating Hood County Senior for writing the winning essay on “The Dangers of Socialism”. The essay will be published online, and the winner will have the opportunity to give a speech at our annual fundraiser.

I am beyond grateful to be in this position, and look forward to working with you all. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions, questions, comments or concerns you have.

In Liberty,
Nathan Criswell

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