Hood County Republican Party Update – 10/05/2017

Hood County Republicans on the Move!!

From: Jim Logan

I suspect many Hood County Republicans are similar to most Republicans nationwide,  the last 8 years have been draining politically.  My hope is that after a little downtime over the summer that everyone here in Hood County is now refreshed and ready to get back into the game.  The Democrats never seem to rest and even when they lose they tend to double down in the next election cycle.  From all indications they appear to be doing the same going into the 2018 election cycle.

If you are concerned about the direction that the country has gone under the previous Obama Administration now is the time to get involved and start working to get more solidly conservative candidates elected all the way from School Board to the United States Senate.

This past summer saw Hood County Volunteers win the Best Float in the Granbury 4th of July parade.  This month we are opening our new office in downtown Granbury and we are in process of updating our local website to make it more user friendly and highlight areas where you can volunteer or participate.  We look forward to any help you can volunteer.

Let’s Make America Great Again!!