Non-Partisan Resolution

April 10th, 2019

WHEREAS the Hood County Republican Executive Committee believes local elections are of the utmost importance and places a high value on electing Republicans that accurately represent the overwhelming majority of Hood County citizens.

WHEREAS the term “NON-PARTISAN ELECTION” IS MISLEADING, as any entity that taxes, sets school curriculum, or otherwise governs is inherently partisan.

WHEREAS individuals have been elected to local office claiming no party affiliation, then consistently endorse ideologies, candidates, and policy positions of the Democrat party.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Hood County Republican Executive Committee REJECTS THE “NON-PARTISAN” LABEL ON LOCAL ELECTIONS and will do everything in our power to make known the campaign finance, voting, and endorsement histories of school board members, city councilmen, mayors, and other officeholders and candidates that seek to run in local elections in the year 2019.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Hood County Republican Executive Committee will openly endorse support, assist, and advise candidates that seek to work in favor of the Republican Party of Texas Platform, in an effort to bring fiscal and social Conservatism, increased transparency, and accountability to local governing bodies.

We ask that all Hood County Republicans join us in REJECTING THE NON-PARTISAN LABEL, and vote for the best Republican candidates in the 2019 elections.