The name of the organization shall be the Hood County Republican Executive Committee, hereinafter

referred to as the “County Executive Committee” (CEC).


The headquarters of the Hood County Republican Executive Committee shall be located in Hood County.


Section 1.      

The purpose of the County Executive Committee (CEC) shall be:

(a)        to act as the governing body of the Republican Party of Hood County (hereinafter referred to as the “Party”) and exercise those powers and fulfill those duties and responsibilities conferred upon the CEC by state and/or federal statutes, the Party Rules, these Bylaws and any Standing Rules adopted herein;

(b)        to establish general policy for the Republican Party in the county, subject to the direction of the biennial County/Senatorial District Convention;

(c)        to represent the Republican Party of this county, state, and nation, articulating the Republican Party’s platform and candidates;

(d)        to cooperate in carrying out programs initiated by the Republican Party of Texas, including but not limited to:

           a.         conducting a Republican Primary in as many election precincts within the county as practicable, but, at a minimum, having a voting location in each County Commissioner’s precinct; and,

           b.         organizing a coordinated effort, including Get-Out-the-Vote, preceding each general election, to publicize the Party’s candidates.

Section 2.      

The County Executive Committee is charged with the responsibility of observing all laws of the State of Texas and these United States in fulfilling the purposes stated in this Article.   


Section 1.

The voting members of County Executive Committee (CEC) when conducting official business required by the Texas Election Code shall be the County Chairman and the Precinct Chairmen.  Officers and Committee Chairmen who are not Precinct Chairmen may serve as Ex-Officio (non-voting) members of the County Executive Committee (CEC).


Section 2. Qualifications

To be eligible to hold the office of Precinct Chairman, a person must be a qualified voter residing within the bounds of the county election precinct represented  (Tex. Elect. Code § 171.023) and cannot be a holder of an elected public office at the county, state or federal level or a candidate for such office. 

Section 3. Term of Office

The term of office shall  be for two (2) years, commencing of the twentieth (20th) day after the Run-Off Primary Election Day, as outlined in Texas Election Code § 171.022(c). 

Section 4. Removal from Office

A precinct or county chair who has failed to perform statutory duties provided by the Texas Election Code or who has failed to attend four or more consecutive meetings of the county executive committee may be removed for abandonment of office as provided by Tex. Elect. Code § 171.029.

Section 5. Vacancies.  Any vacancy in the office of County Chair or Precinct Chair shall be filled by the Executive Committee as follows:

            (a)  County Chair.  A majority of the total membership of the Executive Committee must participate in filling a vacancy in the position of County Chair and the person selected must receive a majority of the votes cast by those members participating in a properly noticed election, as provided by Texas Election Code § 171.024(a).

            (b)  Precinct Chair.  One-fourth (1/4) of the total seated membership of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for filling a vacancy and the person selected must receive a majority of the votes case of  those members participating in a properly noticed election, as provided by Texas Election Code § 171.024 (c).

Section 6. Duties

It shall be the duty of each Executive Committee member to attend all executive committee meetings; serve as a liaison between the State Republican Party and Republicans within the precinct he or she represents; promote the growth of the Republican Party within that precinct; and to fulfill the purposes of the Executive Committee as stated in Article II of these Bylaws.


Section 1. Officers

The officers of the Executive Committee shall be the County Chairman, the County Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  The County Vice-Chairman and Treasurer shall be appointed by the County Chairman at the Organizational meeting, and in no case shall the Office of Vice-Chairman or Treasurer be vacant more than (90) days.  The Secretary shall be elected by the County Executive Committee (CEC) following commencement of term of office, who each shall perform those duties assigned to them by the Texas Election Code, by these Bylaws, and by the Rules of the Party.

Section 2 – Term of Office.

The term of office of the officers shall be concurrent with that of the County Executive Committee, except in the event of a vacancy in the office of County Chairman, at which time the appointed officers shall serve only until the election of a new County Chairman.

Section 3 – Vacancies.

A vacancy in the office of County Chairman shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of Tex. Elect. Code § 171.025.  A vacancy in the office of Secretary shall be filled by the CEC at a regular meeting of the CEC following proper notice of the vacancy or at a special meeting called for that purpose.

Section 4 – Duties of CEC Officers.

Duties of officers shall be those prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the County Executive Committee and by these Bylaws, as listed below:

            A.        County Chairman.  The County Chairman shall be the County Executive Committee’s presiding officer and official spokesperson.  The County Chairman shall perform those duties required by statute, these Bylaws and the rules of the Republican Party of Texas.  The County Chairman shall be an Ex-Officio member of all county Standing and Special Committees.  The County Chairman may be a member of the Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association (TRCCA) and any assessments or dues levied by the TRCCA shall be paid by the CEC.

            B.        County Vice-Chairman.  The County Vice-Chairman shall assist the County Chairman as requested in the performance of any non-statutory duties of the office.  The County Vice-Chairman may not perform any statutory duties as outlined by state law but may assist in other functions of the County Chairman, including appointment to committees.

            C.        Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping systematic records and for complying with any applicable state and federal statutes with regard to reporting contributions and expenditures.  The Treasurer shall prepare a current report of the financial condition of the CEC for presentation to the CEC at each regularly scheduled meeting.

            D.        Secretary.  The Secretary shall carry out the usual duties of that office, keeping an up-to-date roll of the CEC’s members and ensuring that each CEC member is timely notified of meetings.  A permanent file containing Minutes of the CEC meetings shall be maintained.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of County Chairman, the Secretary shall call a meeting of the CEC for the purpose of electing a new County Chairman, as provided for in Tex. Elect. Code § 171.025.  The Secretary is authorized to receive applications for a place on the Primary Ballot, as provided for in Tex. Elect. Code § 172.022(a)(2).


Section 1. Conduct of Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet upon call of the Chairman, at such times as required by the Texas Election Code and as provided by these Bylaws and by the Rules of the Party. All meetings of the Executive Committee shall be open to credentialed media representatives and to interested Party members, except that the presiding officer or the Executive Committee may declare an executive (closed) session for the purpose of considering confidential matters.

A.        STATUTORY MEETINGS.   Meetings prescribed by the Texas Election Code shall be

duly called by the Chairman, or in the Chairman’s absence by the Vice-Chairman, for the purpose so designated by law; and no other business may be transacted at such statutory meetings unless notice of such other business has been included in the call.

B.         REGULAR MEETINGS. The Executive Committee shall meet no less frequently than quarterly for the conduct of business necessary to fulfill its objectives and purposes. A statutory meeting is not precluded from being designated as a quarterly meeting. In even-numbered years, the fourth quarterly meeting shall be held after the November general election.

C.         ORGANIZATIONAL MEETINGS. One or more organizational meetings of the newly elected Executive Committee shall be held within thirty (30) days following its election for the purpose of organizing the Executive Committee, the election of a Secretary and consideration of the Chairman’s appointments

D.        SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Chairman, and shall be called by the Chairman upon petition signed by at least nine (9) members of the Executive Committee, representing no fewer than fifty percent (50%) of the precincts, delivered to the Secretary (or to the County Headquarters if the Secretary is not available) at least seven (7) days prior to the date specified for the meeting. Any notice of a special meeting must contain the purpose for which the meeting is called.

Section 2. Notice of Meetings

A written call containing notice of the meeting may be mailed and postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service, or personally delivered to available Executive Committee member(s) or transmitted by electronic mail, no later than seven (7) days prior to the meeting, to each of the Executive Committee members at the member’s address appearing on the Secretary’s records.  A Member may request method of delivery. (The foregoing provision does not apply to the organizational meeting of the Executive Committee if such meeting is held within twenty (20) days of the Primary Runoff; however, such a meeting shall not be considered a regular quarterly meeting.) The seven-day notice may be waived in the event of a stated emergency, as declared by the Officials Committee, in which case forty-eight (48) hours’ notice shall be given by telephone, personally delivered to available Executive Committee member(s) or transmitted by electronic mail.

Section 3. Proxy

A proxy is not allowed (Tex. Elect. Code § 171.026).

Section 4. Quorum

A quorum for all regular and special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be Twenty Five percent (25%) (of seated precinct chairs) of the Executive Committee, in person. At statutory meetings, a quorum shall consist of those members present, in person (except where a different quorum requirement is imposed by the Texas Election Code) provided, however, that if a majority of the Executive Committee is not represented as above provided, only the business required by the Texas Election Code shall be transacted.

Section 5. Voting

Each member of the Executive Committee, including the Chairman,  shall have the right to cast his/her individual vote. The method of voting shall be by voice, show of hands, or ballot, as determined by the Chairman, unless otherwise ordered by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, provided, however, that upon demand of a member present, in person, a roll-call vote shall be taken. The “ayes” and “nays” of any roll-call vote shall be entered into the minutes of such a meeting.


Section 1.

The County Chairman shall appoint the chairmen of any Standing Committees deemed necessary to carry out the policies of the local Party.  Said appointee shall serve at the pleasure of the County Chairman.

Section 2.

Each committee is authorized to develop procedures for conducting the business within that committee’s jurisdiction, subject to review and amendment by the County Executive Committee pursuant to the rules provided by Article VI, herein.

Section 3.

A committee member or member may be removed from a committee upon request of the committee chairman or of the County Chairman.


Section 1. Campaign Fund

A.        After making provisions for payment in an orderly and timely basis of anticipated operating expenses of the Party, and any other obligations of the Party, the Chairman shall cause to be deposited promptly all monies received by the Party into the Republican Party Campaign Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”). The Chairman and any other authorized person(s) soliciting funds for the Party are expressly empowered to accept contributions directly into the Fund. The Fund shall be divided into sub funds, or accounts, in such a manner as to comply with all applicable state or federal laws or regulations pertinent to the purposes herein prescribed, subject to any limitation imposed by such laws and regulations, and shall be accounted for and reported in an accurate and timely manner.

B.         The Fund shall be utilized exclusively for the purpose of participating in direct campaign activities of Republican candidates for election to the public offices of the United States, the State of Texas, or any unit or subdivision thereof. Once money has been credited to the Fund, the County Chairman shall be authorized to transfer money to other funds or accounts of the Party in cases of emergency (not inconsistent with applicable law), upon notice of such action to the chairman of the Candidate Resource Committee. No monies may be transferred from the Fund that have been dedicated by the donor for use as Republican Party Campaign Funds.

C.         The Fund shall be administered and invested as may be directed by the Chairman. Monies in the Fund shall be distributed or expended of the purposes thereof only as shall be directed by the Candidate Resource Committee, as provided in Article VII, Section 8(C)(2) and 8(C)(3), of these Bylaws.

D.        Monies in the Fund shall not be raised or expended in connection with any primary campaign of any candidate for nomination of the Party or in any campaign in which more than one Republican, as shown by ballot designation, appears on the ballot, with the exception in a non-primary election that by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee funds may be so raised and expended.

Section 2. Audit

A.        The SREC Committeeman and SREC Committeewoman shall appoint a three (3)member Audit SC from the membership of the Executive Committee not later than November 1of each year to audit the current fiscal year. The Audit Committee may select a firm of independent certified public accountants to audit all accounts of the Party for the current fiscal year, to be conducted so that the audit of the current fiscal year shall be completed not later than one hundred and eighty (180) days following the end of the current fiscal year.

B.         The original of the audit report, if report required, shall be sent to the Chairman, with copies to the SREC Committeeman, the SREC Committeewoman, the Vice-Chairman, the General Counsel, the Treasurer, and the Finance Chairman, plus each member of the Audit SC and any member of the Executive Committee requesting a copy; in addition, a copy shall befiled with the County Headquarters where it shall be preserved and made available for inspection during office hours by any Executive Committee member or Party official.

C.         The Audit SC shall present the audit report, if report required, to the Executive Committee for approval at the next ensuing regular meeting.

D.        In event of a vacancy in the office of Chairman, a complete audit shall be conducted inaccordance with applicable provisions of this Section unless waived by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 3. Fiscal

Neither the Chairman nor any other officer, employee, or representative of the Party shall borrowmoney in the name of the Party unless expressly authorized to do so by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee,  notice of request for such authorization having been included in the call to the meeting at which the request is to be made.


The Executive Committee and any committee or sub-committee created by the Hood County Republican Executive Committee Bylaws  (“Bylaws”) or the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas (“Rules”) shall comply with and be established in accordance with these Bylaws and/or the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas,  including the following:

A.        Attendance –  Executive Committee members must notify the County Chairman of their inability to attend the meeting prior to the scheduled meeting date if possible.

B.        Use of Funds – All requests for the Executive Committee funds must be approved by a majority of the Executive Committee members. The Chairman may approve an expenditure of up to twenty-five dollars ($25.00) without full Executive Committee approval, if there is need of funds prior to a scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee. Receipts must be provided to the Treasurer and/or Finance Committee Chair, for any money spent, within five days of spending.  All checks or withdrawals of funds will require two approved signatures.


The rules contained in the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the CEC in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws, the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, or any state or federal statute.


These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members of the CEC present and voting at a properly called meeting of the CEC by giving notice at the previous regular meeting or by mailing written notice to each CEC member at least seven (7) days in advance of a Regular or Special Meeting called for  that purpose.


These bylaws shall remain in force until otherwise revised or amended, subject to provisions in Article X and are effective as of April ____, 2017, as approved by the Hood County Executive Committee.

Bylaw revisions approved and adopted by the Hood County Republican Executive Committee on April __________, 2017. by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.