Response to HCN “Article” on Non-Partisan Election Resolution

In the editorial posing as an article, Ms. Cruz asked local Democrats for their thoughts on the Hood County Republican resolution rejecting the non-partisan label on local elections. Mr. Vick was off-topic, and Ms. Martin was wrong in every sentence except, “The state Republican party supports public education.”

Hood County Democrats run in “non-partisan” races because they are incapable of winning partisan elections. Local Democrats want to take over these “non-partisan” government bodies to push their agenda into the community and our public schools. Their party is out of touch with voters, moving further to the left to appease its radical base.

In 2016, local Democrats donated a chunk of money to current GISD trustee Rhonda Rezsofi. In 2017 and 2018, Democrats donated to Ms. Rezsofi’s unsuccessful protege, Maureen Griffin, who went on to lose both years. If it were up to those two GISD would have never adopted the School Marshall program.

Granbury and Hood County voters will elect 1 mayor, 1 councilman, and 3 school board trustees this November. By adopting and executing the resolution, Hood County GOP is fighting for Republican victories in every election with a heavy focus on the school board. Quality public education is a top priority.

As Chairman of the Hood County Republican Party, I encourage all Republican candidates to contact us for assistance this cycle. We refuse to stay quiet while Democrats attempt to take over the school board and city government.

In Liberty,
Nathan Criswell