Rights & Anti-Racism

The following article was written for the Forum page of the Hood County News. They chose not to run it, saying it was offensive.

What is a Right?

A Right is not something you get, butrather something that cannot be taken away. A Right guarantees the government cannot curtail an action, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion or petitioning the government. A Right is an idea.

Creating a Right to some Thing, such as Healthcare, would necessitate enslaving someone else, the medical providers, to provide that Thing.  Rights are never Things. Rights are ideas, the ability and freedom to express beliefs or to defend those beliefs even against overwhelming odds. The American Idea is the needs of the many never outweigh the Rights of the few. What is good for society never trumps the individual.

Only a Racist would use the slur, Racist. In order for someone to notice racism they must first notice race. A non-racist would never notice race and could not therefore use the racism derogative. Accusations of racism perpetuate racism. To create a color-blind society, we must first become color-blind.

What does racism have to do with Rights? The goal of the racist who calls you a racist is to silence you and to deny your Rights to free speech. When accused of racism, what answer can there be? Only silence. Accusing someone of racism has little to do with racism but instead is an intimidation tactic to deny free interchange of ideas, to stop the debate. Accusations of racism are actually violations of free speech.

All White People are racist, Sen. Gillibrand? Isn’t that the most racist statement?

As Morgan Freeman said, if you want to stop racism, “Stop talking about it!”